Saturday, February 28, 2009

Estrella Mountain Park

Our next stop was Estrella Mountain Park in Goodyear. There were just 11 of us Win's here. It is a relaxing time. Some went hiking, we played cards in the evening and ran a few errands. Bob watched some horse trials while I drove to downtown to a needlework shop and picked up some threads. We recovered the footstool and was real pleased how it matched the chair.

We had Hugs and Circle every day. I went to the local Curves. Bob finished a book. Kinda relaxing. Our last day here we decided to try kayaking on the Gila River. We drove to near the Phoenix International Racetrack, went thru a barracade and launched. Going up stream we were only able to go about 1/2 mile. Back at the launch site, Bob and Chuck checked out the down stream side of the road. Us ladies being the wiser sex opted to load up the kayaks and head home. The guys decided to go for it. They saw a lot of birds in the wider areas. About 3 hours later we got a phone call to come get them. They were in a diversion ditch and couldn't go further. We couldn't get close to them as there was a locked gate so they had to carry the kayaks 1/4 mile after they climbed a chain link fence with barb wire on top. Bob discovered he left the paddle and had to go back for it. They did say it was a beautiful trip but we sure our glad we opted out.

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