Monday, March 02, 2009

White Tank Mountain Park

We moved on to the west side of Phoenix. About a 25 mile drive. We checked with the campground host where our group could park and he got permission for us to park in a parking lot. We have dwindled down to 4 rigs and 5 people but hope more will show up before we leave. We had our usual circle with snacks then 4 of us played pegs and joker's. We have a beautiful view of the mountains toward the west and at night the city twinkles with lights to the east of us. Very peaceful and quiet here.

Bob went hiking with the group for several hours. Knowing my back wouldn't take it I stayed home and did embroidery. Had to stay in as there are lots of little bugs outside. Just before circle Ron Walker joined us. After dinner we got out the Campfire in a Can and had a nice chat with everyone. We discovered that Ron is from the same area in Ohio we are from.

The next morning we all went hiking to a waterfall.

Even me.
The desert is in bloom.
My back twinged a little but once home with pain med and feet up I recovered enough to go to Curves, dinner and shopping after our circle.

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ladynomad said...

Isn't the desert pretty when it blooms?