Friday, March 06, 2009

Lake Pleasant

On we move almost circling Phoenix. Started on the east at Apache Junction, over to the south at Goodyear and to the west at White Tank so now we are on the north at Lake Pleasant. We are dry camping (as usual) on the shoreline of this beautiful lake. 8 rigs came and there are 10 of us. We had circle and played cards in the evening.

Early the next morning the kayak's were launched to take advantage of the calm seas before the wind picks up. I didn't go but loaned my kayak to Ron who is testing all that were available. It seems the requirements for Win's these days is solar and kayak. We had our usual long afternoon circle with much munching. The wind generator was working almost to full capacity. Again cards were played in the evening. Carolyn had a friend come from Twin Falls, ID. She rented an rv to test the waters to see if she would like to purchase one and enjoy our lifestyle. Ron left and she took his semi-level spot.

Saturday morning found us again on the water early. This time I went along. We were gone about an hour when 4 of us smart ladies headed back. The wind again kicked up and the remaining 4 including Bob struggled to get back. Bob loves his kayak as it went smoothly thru the rough waves. Chuck and Karen stopped at the marina, Chuck walked back to the campground and got the truck to go pick up Karen and the kayaks. Another 2 hour circle where the discussion was how did you get started in rving. Having a small gathering helps to really get to know each other. Pete left while we were out kayaking. Can't take the cold nights in his cargo trailer.

Sunday we started the day with a two mile hike.
Along the way we saw a rattlesnake,
horned toad
and wild burro's.
Lots of wildflowers also. There were 8 of us. We parked a car at each end of the trail and exchanged keys in the middle so we didn't have to do a 4 miler. Later in the day Bob and I went to my cousin Ken's house in Glendale to gather our mail and get our dinette seat cushions back. My other cousin Barbara, who I haven't seen in decades, was in Phoenix on business.
The 3 cousins. All of us went out to Buca's Italian restaurant and had a huge meal. It's served family style. Check out the dessert's.

The burro's came into the camp early Monday morning. We hate to leave now that the weekender's are gone but on we go. Follow us along to Cottonwood.


Diana said...

Lake Pleasant is a beautiful spot. I'm envious!

Barbara and Ron said...

Is the road into Lake Pleasant as terrible as it used to be?

Bob Parker And Donna Huffer said...

The road was great.