Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Solo's Gathering

1/16 Didn't do much today but rest. The Solo's had their annual meeting at 2 so we went to it. We went across the road to see that how many of the WIN's were there and to see Johnny, a friend we haven't seen for a long time. It has started to fill up. Robbie and Jerry were there and we invited them to come over for Peg's & Joker's after dinner. The Solo's had a Burn Your Own. We cooked bratwurst and everyone brought a dish to pass.

1/15 A long day...We had followup Dr. appointments in Yuma so left at 8 am and drove the 90+ miles there. Stopped at the big flea market, our attorney's office to pick up our legal forms, not done, to Walmart for a few things. On to meet Nel in old town for a delightful lunch at the Garden Cafe. After lunch it was to the Dr's and back to the attorney's to get the paperwork. Meantime I am going to two Walmart's to get a prescription filled. It took me a total of 2 1/2 hours to finally get it. Then it was head north to QZ. We stopped at the VFW for a refreshing drink, a couple of dances and some visiting with a friend. Back at QZ it was 7 pm before we ate dinner at Sweet Darlene's then collapsed at home.

1/14 We washed windows on Wednesday and then went to a Escapee Happy hour on the south side of Q. There was a huge crowd there. Everyone brought finger foods and a 4 piece band was playing. Saw a few people we have met in our travels. Bob is sitting next to Jerry and Robbie.
Back home we sat out and I stitched while Bob read. A few of the WINs are gathering across the road.

Tuesday Jan 13.
We moved all of 20 miles. Didn't bother to hook up the car. I drove the MH and Bob the car. We found our little patch of desert and settled in until Sunday when we will move across the road. We registered and paid our $4 for the two of us to partake in the meals. After our first happy hour where the announcements for the activities for the next few days were announced we had 9 mini-circles where we had 3 questions to answer to get to know one another. Favorite camping area, where we went to elementary school, something no ones knows about us. Then there was a test of various states etc. We got 9 of 12 right. A fire was started and hot dogs (cook your's) and coleslaw and baked beans were served. Thanks Diana for taking our picture.


Barbara and Ron said...

Great idea about the mini-circles. A good way to keep those huge gathering more personal.

Diana said...

Yup, the mini circles were lots of fun. And you're welcome for the picture.