Monday, January 12, 2009

Quartzsite Again

We left Indio, CA and headed to Quartzsite. It is almost time for the big rv event of the year. It starts next weekend but one of our Single's groups get a head start. Before we park with them we will spend a couple of days in Bouse at an rv park where Bud and Nancy, Lee and Clay are parked. Bud is going to help Bob determine if we need new batteries. Here we have all this energy making equipment but we still are not right. The first thing Bud spotted is the wiring might be too small. After arrival we had a happy hour with the 4 of them then after dinner we played Pegs and Joker's with Bud and Nancy.

The next day Bud and Bob worked on the battery issue and after much testing Bud proclaimed that everything checks out. The batteries have a little life left in them about 80% so that major purchase is a ways off. I did the laundry and vacuumed. I got my mail expecting a check that didn't come but my next needlework project came. I belong to a Cyber chapter of the Embroider's Guild of America and once a year I can choose a project and they pay the teacher fee. I readied the huge pile of instructions, found the fabric and cut it right this time and then put in the basting guide lines. Now I have to find threads to use for the project. The teachers suggestions were in blue and I am changing them to tan/rust and purple to match our comforter cover. This will be a challenge. After our happy hour we all went out to eat dinner. I am doing real well this week on WW.

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