Thursday, January 08, 2009

Air-X wind Generator Install

Now with Updates as of 6/27/09

I used SCH40 pipe 1.5" and the rubber mounts that you can buy at the dealer. I used 20'ft of pipe and 2 couplings and mounted it to my ladder. The top section is 8' in length and easy to handle with the air-x on the pipe. I took off the ground section at the coupling for while in transit. As you can see I made modifications to this mount I welded a 2.5" channel iron to the hitch and no longer need to use the ground mount.

I used U clamps attached to a 1/4" steel bar for strength on the ladder for the rubber mounts.
I have up graded the steel mounts on the ladder to 3/16" metal from the top of the ladder to the bottom which gives it a lot more strength for the pipe.

The coupling had too much play so it would let the pipe shift in the high wind so I made a better one. The old one was only 4" long and two set screws, the new one is 8"long and 8 set screws.

I drilled 1" holes in the pipe for the wire and bought a 50 amp quick disconnect for separating the mast to store on roof.
I cut two 2" plastic couplings in half to make a cradle for the mast in transit. I used caulking and a bungie cord screwed to the roof.

I take the blades off for transit then mount the blade on the pipe with a bracket I made from a clamp I found in the electrical dept. in Home Depot and a wire nut and 5/16"x3" screw and wing nut
I used guy wire for a while but with the modifications to the ladder and the coupling I don't use them any longer.

So far I have not had wind speeds high enough to run the Air-x for a good report on how well it works. So far the wind we have had there is very little vibration and noise from the blade like the older ones. Check the blog and I will post later how well it works.
6/27/09 It has been several months since the install and I have been very happy so far as we have had several days of wind and the wind mill has helped keep the batteries up to charge.
There have been several days without sun but lots of wind on those days. And the nights we have used lots of power the wind has brought the batteries back up by morning.
Total cost with all of the modifications is around $900.00 .


Diana said...

Wow! That's amazing. How many amps is it supposed to produce?

Barbara and Ron said...

Good documentation. Can't wait to see it in action - maybe Quartzsite?