Monday, January 05, 2009

FMCA Rally

January 3 We moved to Indio, CA to attend the Western FMCA rally. We parked with our Single International chapter of the FMCA at Spotlight 29 Casino. We had happy hour and then we all went to an Italian restaurant.

Sunday 4. We went to the casino for breakfast and Bob won $40. Then Bob worked on the wind generator. It was moving but no power was going to the batteries. He found the short and made the repair. While he did that Curt, Dottie and I went to the College of the Desert to the street fair. We meandered around and I got some fruit and vegetables. After happy hour the group went to a Mexican restaurant. This is going to be a tough week for the WW diet.

Monday after breakfast we lined up and caravanned into the fairgrounds where the main rally will start on Wednesday. We got our goodie bag and the mail. We have happy hour every afternoon at 4.

Tuesday Curt, Dottie and I went thrift store shopping. A pizza party for happy hour and then we played pegs & joker's with Curt and Dottie.

Wednesday the rally started. We bought a new tow bar as our old one was too shot to repair. Then it was on to the big tent to look and see if there was anything else we needed. Thank goodness there wasn't. I attended a seminar on traveling to Australia and New Zealand. Not intending on going but there was a door prize that I wanted but didn't win. Back home we watched the parade and acted like kids catching candy.
Some of the clever costumes for the Egyptian theme.

We had a nice attendance at each happy hour and in the evenings we went to the entertainment. The last night's entertainment was the Platter's. Brought back old memories for a lot of us.

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