Monday, March 16, 2009

Camp Verde Part 2

Our second week has started here with more of the same. Boring...never. We are out geocashing, playing pegs & jokers with our friends and continuing to work on the rig.
I continue to go to Curves for my work out.

Phew, we finally got the mh cleaned inside and out. Now onto the car. Bob repaired my kayak so the dry well no longer will get wet.

We started to go to the Senior Center for the lunch meal. Only $3.50 and it is a filling meal for the day. On St. Patrick's day we had two meals of corned beef and cabbage.
One there and one at the park.

We worked on the car. Bob built a rack for storing our stuff better in the back. Added our camping gear. I vacuumed and cleaned the inside. He had already dry washed the outside. We went into the Senior Center for lunch. There was music. We also got my sewing machine back from repairs and our mail. Late afternoon and evening was relaxing time.

One day I watched this hot air balloon out the windshield.

Our friends have all moved outside the park. Their 2 weeks are up. About a mile outside is BLM land and there are a bunch of rv's that go out there for their week out. As TT members they get a day pass and come in and use all the facilities. So we get to see them and play games etc.

Our last day, we took our neighbors out geocaching and got them hooked. We found 3 and set them loose with our gps and the last two as the road got too bad for our vehicle and they had a high clearance jeep. The wind has picked up so we came home, turned on the air and relaxed. In the evening Jim and Judy who have moved nearer Sedona came over to say goodbye and we played P&J for several hours. This morning was cold and the sprinkler hoses created ice on the grass. Until next time....we left today to Lake Roosevelt for the Win's kayak gathering. Along the way we passed this snowbank near Strawberry, AZ.


ladynomad said...

Sounds like a life!

Diana said...

Wow Donna, you are looking downright skinny. Don't waste away to nothing!