Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lake Roosevelt

We moved to Lake Roosevelt east of Phoenix. Our Win group gathers here every year for kayaking etc. We are the first ones here and have a beautiful site high on the hill overlooking the lake. Chuck and Karen dropped by just an hour after we got here. A small group of the Win's who we were with 2 weeks ago are at the next campground up. They invited us to hugs in the morning

So we went to hugs and we decided to go kayaking. The lake is at record levels and the trees at the far end are partial underwater. We kayaked among them and saw tons of birds.
This sign was neat. Enlarge it to read the sign.
It was a relaxing paddle as we just drifted so we could get close to the birds without scaring them.

Back on shore we had a little snack, loaded the kayaks and took off on our own to see the far side of the lake. To say is was a beautiful drive is an understatement.

Bob gets emotional every time we come here as this is where he made the decision to change his life and sell his house. It is also where I moved in with him 3 years ago. I have gotten emotional in the Grand Canyon but this drive did it for me.


Diana said...

You guys are a great couple. Congratulations on the 3 years.

Why is the water so high?

Barbara and Ron said...

Those are some great pictures of your drive around the lake.

Bob Parker And Donna Huffer said...

From the green, green desert I would say they have had a lot of rainfall both here and in the northern mountains. It sure was beautiful