Sunday, April 05, 2009

A Busy Lake Roosevelt Week

Lenny and Toni stopped by for a visit on Saturday. Bob and Lenny's Dad were friends back in Ohio. We had a nice visit and lunch out. Lenny does magic shows and when Bob showed him two of his that he carries in his pocket it reminded Lenny that when he was 10 years old one of the tricks Bob had given his Dad is what got him started in magic. They travel quite a bit for his job and our way of life seemed to interest them. Especially our million dollar view for $3 a day.

After they left we visited with Curt and Dottie who arrived today. They are on their maiden voyage in Curt's new to him motorhome. He brought out the champagne and we christened it by drinking it. They joined us for a spaghetti dinner that Bob cooked and then we went to the campfire and we furnished pie iron pocket pies for everyone. Several of us are planning on joining the WIN Sundowner tour of the New Mexico State Parks.

Sunday was a long day. We wanted to see if we could locate our lot in Showlow, AZ. Curt and Dottie wanted to find out what the area was like and perhaps share our lot. Off we went on the scenic or so we thought way to Showlow. It was suppose to be a dirt road but we were surprised that only 18 miles of the nearly 100 miles was dirt. The scenery was great at the beginning but quickly we got bored with it when it turned into forest. We stopped in Showlow for lunch/brunch then went out to the lot. The roads were put in back in the 60's and some have grown over. We zigged and zagged and finally found our lot. Actually it was the neighbors until we realized one of the stakes was missing. After walking around and discussing where we would park for the best view we went up the hill to find some friends who also have lots there. Again we got terribly lost, made a few phone calls and finally found Carol who graciously took us on a tour of the hilltop lots our friends own. We took the faster way home on paved roads and went thru the Salt River Canyon which is just beautiful.

At Globe we located the Elk's Lodge so we could park there when we leave here. We had left at 9 am and returned at 8:30 pm having driven over 300 miles.

The next two days we rested. Curt had caught a bug and was laid up. The Win's left except for just a few of us. We moved hugs and circle over to our site. Nothing official. By Tuesday we were down to just 5 rigs left.

Wednesday. Moving day. 3 rigs are moving to the Elk's in Globe. We all have errands to run and laundry to do. In the evening the Elk's have Taco night. Today is Bob's brithday so we will be celebrating.


Diana said...

Happy Birthday, Bob! Hope you have a great one.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Happy Birthday, Bob! Your lot looks great.