Friday, April 10, 2009

Safford, AZ

Our last morning in Globe was spent saying goodbye to Stacy, going to Curves for me, last minute WM shopping, touring Besh-Ba-Gowah archeology ruins and going to a thrift shop. We then hitched up and drove to Safford. We will be traveling the next couple of months with Curt and Dottie. We passed through San Carlos Indian Reservation. Garbage blowing every where and a sign saying "Don't trash our rez" I think they do a good job without our help. We did stop at their casino and dumped and took on propane.

There were a couple of places we had planned to camp on our way here but they didn't look too inviting so we went to the Elk's Lodge in Safford. It was even less inviting and looked almost abandoned. Unhooked Curt's car and drove out to Haekel Road to check out the BLM land there. Great spot. Back at the rv's we let the guys take them out to the site while Dottie and I went shopping. When we got back to the rv's they had them all set up. We will have to remember to do that more often. We had a wonderful chicken dinner outside and then a campfire. The full moon came up orange and it was a definite memory photo.

We took a long drive to Klondyke. Two signs that tell all about Klondyke. Along the way we had some pretty scenery. Thought the rock on the right was a big bear. We didn't hang around until this rock fell. I had read somewhere that 4 Mile Canyon was the most beautiful place in Arizona. I guess the writer hadn't been to some of the other parts of the state that are truly beautiful. We stopped at the NF campground and had a picnic lunch. Back at Safford Bob and I got our summer haircuts. Short. The winds really picked up as a storm front came thru. The winds were rocking the motorhome so we closed up and moved so our back was to the wind. After dinner Dottie and Curt came over and we taught them Pegs and Jokers.

Another day for a long drive. 25 miles south of us is Hot Wells Dunes hot springs. When we got there it was loaded with campers and ATV's. Only one hot spring was open. It was cold and windy so we opted not to use the spring. We continued south to Bowie and were disappointed that the road turned into dirt. We thought perhaps we could take our rigs to the springs on our way to Willcox when we move. Back at Safford we stopped for lunch and got back to the rigs in another day of high winds. It had rained last night. There was snow on the mountain top.

The winds just don't want to quit. After spending most of the morning inside on the computer we decided to go geocaching. We had a list of 6 and the 4 of us took off. We found the first one quite easily but the other 2 were hard finds. Bob went alone to the second one. We parked in a turn out along side the road and he hiked 1/2 miles across country. We could see thru the binoculars when he found the cache. The next one was off road on a powerline road. 4 wheeling was definitely needed and high clearance. Bob took off again, I went part way until I fell and skinned my knee. Curt and I went back to the car and then we drove up a very steep hill. Curt joined Bob down a cliff and Dottie and I stayed in the car. Back home we went to their motorhome for Easter dinner.

Monday morning and there is no wind. Guess we can move, here we come Willcox.

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