Friday, April 17, 2009

City Of Rocks

Our summer begins. We are touring New Mexico. The state park system has an annual pass for non-residents that costs $225. We will have recouped that in just 22.5 days stay and we plan to be here for 5 months. All our travels should only result in 2-3 tanks of fuel so it will be an inexpensive summer. Welcomed after last years expenses.

We left Willcox with Dottie and Curt following. Found this beautiful site for the two rigs to park. However, Curt had a phone call with a family emergency and they left first thing the next morning. He has to drive Dottie to Parker, AZ and then go onto Oregon. A couple of hours later the ranger showed up and said the site was reserved for the night and we would have to move. We drove the car around the loop. Chose another site and placed lawn chairs in it. Went back to the rig and 1/2 hr later we were at our new location. This is a non-reservable site so it is ours for the duration. Click on this picture to see another view of our site. The ranger came by and advised us to park at the far end as a boulder is showing signs of crashing down. It has moved 2' this year. It's the one just above the bush.

We then went geocaching in the park. Found all 3. The last one was high on a hill overlooking the entire park. Be sure to enlarge this picture. The white spots in the foreground of the rocks is the electric site area and we are on the other side of all those rocks.

On Saturday, Linda Scott stopped by. She is staying at the Moose campground in Deming and was hiking the park when she spotted our Win sticker. Sunday, Sharon and Dick arrived for the start of the WIN's Sundowner. It officially starts this Wednesday. It's sort of a caravan but nothing planned beyond this park. We have the options of traveling with the Win's, catching up with the Escapee Boondockers who are ahead of us by a week or going it along. We will probably do all three.

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