Monday, April 20, 2009

Discovering New Mexico by geocaching

This summer we will be discovering NEW MEXICO. We will be searching for the history and the sites that New Mexico has to offer. Towns, Ghost Towns, the many lakes and mountains, by way of State Parks, National Parks and National Monument's. We have found that by searching for geocaches it brings us to places that the guide books leave out. Join us for this summer's adventure.

We left the City of Rocks park about noon on Sunday to go on a scenic loop trip over to Caballo Lake State Park and back to Deming. We took Rts 61, 152, 187, 26 and 180. Bob had downloaded 8 geocache's and we found 5 of them, 2 were missing or trashed and 1 we just didn't have time to do.
16 Tons the geocaching name and the weight limit of the bridge.
Along the way was some incredible scenery.

The view from this cache,

At the little town of Kingston we found this cache and a great little museum
and had a nice chat with the curator. The above pictures are the before and after. This was the bank. The vault was made in Canton, Ohio the next big town from our old home town. The town lasted for 10 years and had 7000 residents. It was larger than Albuquerque then. The lure was silver and when the US went to the Gold Standard the price of silver crashed. Kinda like today. All the brick in the buildings was removed and moved down the road to the town of Hillsboro. This is a before and after picture of the court house.

At Caballo Lake we checked out the campgrounds and primative camping area along with finding a geocache.

Coming back toward Deming we came across a grass fire and many fire trucks heading toward it.

At Deming we stopped for dinner at 7:30 and just made it back to our campsite before they closed the gates for the night. It was a long but incredible day.

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