Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mexico Day

It's Tuesday so it's LOW's (Loner's on Wheels) Day in Polomas, MX. They go each week to the Pink Store for lunch, a free margarita and music.
Since I used to belong to them BB (before Bob) and many also belong to the Win's we decided to join them. Besides we needed to pick up some medication and tequila.

On the way there we stopped in Deming so I could go to Curves while Bob got the car oiled and lubed. On the way home we decided to geocache in Pancho Villa and Rockhound state parks. Celebrating NM's 70th year geocaches have been placed in all 34 state parks and we want to see how many we can find. We found both of them. The Escapees have a new BOF (Birds of a Feather) group we joined for geocaching. It was started by Arlo just a couple of weeks ago. Arlo just happens to be at the Escapee park in Deming so we picked him up to do the geocaches at Rockhound.

When we took him home we visited for a while and then a neighbor of his who recognized our car came by and we went over to Pat Reno's and Art Buckley's motorhome for a short visit. Finished up doing a Walmart run and got back home almost 12 hours later.

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