Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Toy Trains and Steep Highways

Our last day in Alamogordo we went to see Sharks at the IMAX theater then toured the Toy Train Depot.
There were tons of trains there. Inside and out.
From big to small.
The earliest used stagecoach's as cars.
The guys who worked (played) there were from 93 to 20's and they all had a ball. They had a story to tell at each scenario.

The next day we left and headed to our next state park near Carlsbad. The shortest way took us up a 16 mile steep hill to Cloudcroft. We had already driven it in the car and knew what to expect so we opted to take the road. I followed Bob in the car to ease the load and when we topped out at Cloudcroft hooked up. There was pretty scenery
and a tunnel.
Click on the pictures and you can see our motorhome. Doesn't it blend in well with the surroundings. We call our color desert camouflage.

Once we got to the park we unhitched and I went looking for a place to park. Wanted to be down by the lake and found a nice spot. Bob wasn't too sure we would be ok there if the water rose. Decided to move to the campground where for $4 a night we would have electricity. Since the temperature is going to 102 on Thursday that might be worth it. He drove the motorhome and I the car. Heard metallic noises from the car so we switched. He drove the car around a circle came back and buried the car in mud. We hooked the car to the cables and I pulled it out with the motorhome. Then after unhooking the car I continued to drive the motorhome and I heard Bob on the CB say " go, go, go, go, go". I almost got the motorhome stuck. We are in a nice spot and have electricity and air conditioning.

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ladynomad said...

Glad you could get the car out. Check my blog for pictures on those who had to have their rigs pulled out at the campground in Mtn. View.