Friday, May 08, 2009

Brantley Lake

There are a bunch of SKP Boondocker's here and also quite a few of our Win's Sundowner group have joined us. We have afternoon social time where we discuss what to do the next day. The first day our group took a drive to the old earthen dam that held the lake that was above this one. Then on to the post office in Lakewood and to the SKP Ranch. We met with other boondocker's who are staying there and we all went to a Mexican restaurant at Artesia.
There are great sculptures in town. Bob had stayed home to do paperwork and try to repair the refrigerator fan. He joined me at Artesia and we went geocaching in an oil field and at a roadside rest area. Back at the campground we had a brief social and headed home to the air conditioning.

Our next group trip was to Sitting Bull Falls. Yes, even in the desert there is sometimes water. This falls was from a spring on top. We found the virtual geocache there. We gathered for our picnic lunch.
And we even watch a cattle roundup. Back home it's 101 outside and we are cranking the air conditioning.

Did I say it was getting hot. Well at 104 we opted to spend 4 hours walking around underground at Carlsbad Caverns. It was awesome. We went in the Natural Entrance. Down, down, down 850'. Had been there twice before but the last time I did the natural entrance I was 10 years old. The paths weren't paved then. We also did the Big Room. Both trails were a mile or more long and the best part with our Golden Age pass they were free. We both tried to take pictures
but most didn't come out to well. Back on the surface we welcomed the heat to warm our bones and by the time we were warm the a/c had kicked in in the car. We took the scenic loop before we left the park.

The next day was even hotter and we never left the motorhome. Staying cool in the a/c and reading and computing. A few of us headed out to the next state park. We opted to stay until Monday as Bob's mail didn't come in yet. Ron, Janet, Bob and I went kayaking for a couple of hours. It was cool down on the lake.
Our campground is in these trees.
Then there is always a beautiful sunset shot.
On we go heading north to Roswell to see if WE can find some aliens and flying saucers.

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