Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bottomless Lake at Roswell

Our group moved on to Roswell and the Bottomless Lake State Park. We had an immediate trip to the post office and needed some major shopping to do at Walmart and a fuel stop for the motorhome. When we leave here it will be over a month before we get to a town large enough for anything but a mom & pop grocery. Several hundred dollars lighter in the wallet we arrived at the park. Most of our group went to the hookup campsites but 3 rigs are in dry camp. That's us just a little right of center. It really is the day use area but during the week they don't mind rv's parked there. We are next to Lea Lake with a beautiful canyon wall across from us. At circle our plans for the next two days were discussed and we invited everyone to our place for a campfire and pizza & fruit pies cooked over the fire. Only two came. They are parked near us. Had a lovely night.

Our group left early and went looking for aliens in Roswell. At the McDonald's we had breakfast and the restaurant had a space station look to the play area. On to the visitor's center where we had a group photo taken of us being beamed up. Got lots of good info for where we will be traveling this summer. Our next stop was to the UFO museum. It was a lot of reading of newspaper clippings etc but I did like this display.
We all then went our separate ways to do laundry, car washes, movies and what ever meeting back up at the campground for circle. We again had a wonderful evening of visiting by our campfire.

Five of us in 2 cars did a big loop up to the high country near Ruidoso. We drove the Billy the Kid Scenic highway stopping at Lincoln reported to be NM's most intact historic town.

We walked the streets and read the signs. Continuing on we went thru Fort Stanton stopping long enough for pictures as the museum is closed mid-week.
We then went to a fire tower in the Sacramento Mountains that was built by the CCC.

There was a 360 degree view that was totally awesome. We could hardly tear ourselves away as it was a cool 80 degrees. (101 at Roswell). We did a virtual geocashe at Ruidoso Down's Hubbard Museum. The statues of the horses was worth seeing too.
On to the racetrack/casino for our early dinner. The food was delicious. Then back down from the high country. It was hot so we went swimming in the lake in front of our motorhome then had another beautiful campfire under the stars. Can life get any better?

Our next park is Sumner Lake. It is cooler there and we have a waterfront site that's free. Check the next blog. We will be here until after Memorial Day.

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Diana said...

Love the picture of Bob with the aliens. He's quite a ham!