Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sumner Lake State Park

13 rv's pulled into the state park and we found waterfront sites
with a pretty sunrise.
There are 16 people altogether. The second day was hot in the 90's. We all went to the local "Hideaway" that has a little bit of everything. Bar, restaurant, store, laundry, library, beauty shop all in one building.
We had hamburgers and danced to the juke box.
That night we had a cold front come thru with 35 mph winds all night and dropped the temperature into the 50's as a high. We all hunkered down in our rigs and cancelled circle.

Each morning a group goes hiking around the park. I joined them on Sunday. The group then drove into Fort Sumner where
we geocached,
toured the Bosque Redondo Memorial Park
where the Navajo and Apache had to walk 400 miles and were interned for about 5-6 years. Billy the Kid was killed and buried nearby.
We saw his grave. The stone has been stolen twice
so now it is in irons.
He was an ugly kid.

Monday 4 of us went kayaking for about 2 hours on the lake. The wind kicks up every afternoon and we really got a work out coming back across the lake. Since we are not doing a lot of traveling this summer we have time to kick back with a good book or catch up on small chores we have put off. Very relaxing.

Tuesday was head to town today and get my mail. Bob stopped and got some parts for securing the wind generator better. Back home it was back to the good books. At circle we were surprised when Brad arrived. Trish made a big pot of Hobo stew and we all contributed with cans of vegetables. It was delicious.
Our outside TV was set up for movie night.
It was a guy flick and 8 started to watch it. When there were just 3 left Bob invited them inside to finish watching it so they could get out of the wind.

Wednesday we drove 160 miles one way to Albuquerque to look at a cargo trailer Bob was interested in. We purchased it. We will pick it up next week. We made an appointment to get the motorhome and the cargo trailer's braking system installed on Wednesday at Camping World. Back home we met the group at the Hideaway for hamburger's and dancing. A long day but a lot accomplished.

Another lazy day. It is kinda nice to relax and not always be siteseeing. I worked on my embroidery and Bob worked a little on the mountings for the wind generator. It was cloudy all day. T-storms have been predicted for the next 3 days but we didn't get any today. At dusk we carpooled to an abandon shelter in the park to watch the bats emerge. We opted to sit up on a hill and only saw a few when they flew real close by us but the others went down the hill near the entrance and said there were at least 3000 bats. A few even got christened with bat guano. Yuck.

The Memorial Day weekend is approaching and our view of the lake now has lots of rv's parked in front of us. The weather is calling for 3 days of rain. It is off and on but it mostly cloudy and grey. Ohio weather. Bob managed to finish the project on the windmill securing it to the ladder with steel instead of aluminum. Since it was threatening rain we had circle at the Hideaway. Dancing and hamburger's. We do know how to have fun. Ron and Barbara came to join us today.
On the way home we spotted these deer.

Our activity of the day was to go bowling. All 18 of us went. We had a cheerleading squad of 6 while the other 12 bowled. Scores were from 16 to 142. We went to dinner afterwards. The day had been cloudy and rained off and on. A good day to read.

Memorial Day we had a Taco lunch and a long visit with everyone.


Diana said...

What a beautiful area! That Billy sure was an ugly kid.

Barbara and Ron said...

I see we missed a lot by coming late. But we really enjoyed the time we were there. Have a great summer!

Barbara and Ron said...

Yeah!!! I can comment again!