Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our new garage

The group moved out of Lake Sumner and headed for Clovis for a few days. We headed in the opposite direction. To Albuquerque. We went to Camping World where we had our trailer delivered.
Stayed overnight for the 8:30 appointment to get the brake controller installed. Bob will be busy getting it rigged out to store our kayaks, bikes, car, and a lot of stuff that we store in the bays of the motorhome. We will rejoin the group later this week or early next week meanwhile we are running all over Albuquerque shopping for stuff to put in the garage and the now empty bays. Bob worked all afternoon loading things in to it. The next day we did the same thing again but finally just drove the car into the trailer loaded with the purchased stuff and headed to Santa Rosa State Park. We will be here for a few days and then rejoin the group at Ute Lake SP. By then Bob may have all his toys organized. Well, he has most of it done. The kayaks fit into the tire rack with a little adjustment and the rest is just finding the right place to hang it. But we emptied 3 bays in the Motor home and cleaned out several other bays. It sure makes it easier to get the chairs and bikes out.


Brad said...

Hey Guys,
The new trailer looks nice. The group will be here at Oasis State Park until Monday, although a couple of us may leave earlier for Ute Lake.
See y'all soon,

Barbara and Ron said...

Wow! I know you said how big it was, but it looks HUGE! You can really carry some STUFF now!