Friday, May 29, 2009

Santa Rosa Lake State Park

We arrived at the park in late afternoon having made a brief stop in the small town of Moriarty. We were going to the Motor Vehicle Department office to have the VIN number on the trailer verified so we could file the paperwork to get our Florida plates and title. We took a number and there were 10 people ahead of us. We stepped outside and met with a police sgt who had given us directions to the MVD. He graciously agreed to verify the VIN and checked that we had not purchased a stolen vehicle and we were on our way. We stopped at a rest area for lunch and watched
the dog and "horse" walkers.

We spotted Ron Walker's big rig when we got to the park and he hopped on board and helped us locate a site big enough for us. Bob gave him a tour of the "garage" while I tried to level and set up. After dinner Bob road his bike over to Ron's and they came back along with Ron's neighbor for a couple of games of Peg's and Joker's.

I went to town the next day and mailed off our application for the tag and title for the trailer and renewals for the MH & car. Did the laundry and bought a few items that Bob needed for the garage.

The next day Ron joined us going into town. Bob first checked on getting steel stems for our trailer tires & having the brakes checked. We will be there at 9 am Monday. We stopped at a hardware store for more stuff to stuff in the garage.

Bob and Ron then went to the RTE 66 car museum while I stayed outside and made phone calls to friends. We stopped at Santa Fe Grill for a late lunch then we went shopping at the variety store while Ron got groceries.

Sunday was somewhat a day of rest at least after Bob finished in the garage and I cleaned out the closet and stored stuff in an outside bay. Got rid of 3 bags of "fat" clothes of mine. I also took a walk in the morning and gathered 3 bags of trash along the way. Did pick up a pair of socks and a shirt that were in good condition so it was a profitable walk. The camphost said he even finds cash out there. Ron came by and we had a long visit. I fed him some of my homemade chicken soup and I think he wants to adopt me or run away with him. No chance, Ron.

Monday's appointment at Ortega's auto repair on Route 66 showed we had an oil leak in the brake pad area and they recommended we take it to Jack's in Tucumcari. An hour later we were there and after 3 hours work we had new seals and everything was cleaned up. We both took the car and went shopping at different places while there. Bob for more steel for the garage. Me for groceries and stuff at dollar stores. Once the trailer was done we headed for Ute Lake and the next gathering of the Boondocker's/Win's Sundowner.


Diana said...

So were Bob and Ron comparing garage sizes?

Bob Parker And Donna Huffer said...

You bet they were but Ron wins hands down.

Barbara and Ron said...

But wait until Bob builds an office in his trailer.