Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Ute Lake State Park

We arrived during circle and as we drove past the group they all waved. We found a place large enough to park our now BIG rig. It is on a small point of land that is surrounded by water on 3 sides.
The group is parked in this area.

What a view. That's our mh first on the right with the big white garage behind. We have bullfrogs that croak 24 hours but so far that isn't too annoying.

We all went to town on Wednesday for lunch and then stopped at the American Legion for some dancing. It was a cool cloudy day in the morning so this was a good idea. Got back to the campground in time for circle. Janet is in a different area of the park and kayaked over for circle. On her way back she went thru our cove and was fishing. We heard her whoop when she caught a striper for dinner.

Thursday four car loads of us went on a Mesa drive. Stopped at a windmill farm briefly. Most of the scenery wasn't and we were glad to get back to Tucumcari. The group splits on fast food road. We tried out the new Long John Silver's Grilled fish dinners. Delicious. Then we opted to go check out Conchas state park that is to follow this one. Along the way we saw this rainbow type thing in the clouds. The water is super low and the campground left lots to be desired so we will probably skip that one.

Back home we have a new neighbor. Some fellows from Amarillo were driving by and stopped and we all chatted for several hours. They are here for a fishing tournament and have a cottage nearby. We have been invited for steak and fish on Sunday afternoon.

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