Tuesday, June 09, 2009

More Ute Lake

When will the wind ever quit. We are making lots of energy with the wind generator but can't kayak. Bob got them ready to go this morning and the wind kicked in. Our group went into the Annex Restaurant a couple of times.

We have 2 young couples Aaron, Shelby, Lindsey and Richard for neighbors. They are tenting next door and we visited with them and played washers in the shelter of trees. Still having circle at four on the leeward side of Trish's motorhome. It was so windy this morning that Bob opened the trailer and the kids sheltered inside and played pegs and jokers.

Wednesday we geocached. The kids tried out our kayaks and now want to buy some. In the evening we were invited for hamburgers and to meet Lindsey's family. We will be seeing them at Clayton Lake, our next state park.

Thursday the wind quit and we finally got out for some long over due kayaking. We also tried our hand at fishing. I caught a little fish about 5-6 inches long. Don't know what kind but he was cute. (found out later it was a walleye). Since I was trolling in my kayak I had to take the hook out by myself. That was a first since I was a kid. We also went geocaching with Brad, Janet, Trish and Neil. Had to be mountain goats at times but it was worth it for the waterfall. In the evening we played Pegs and Joker's with the 4 kids next door.

We got our mail yesterday and Bob had gotten a letter from the IRS needing more info. Since he couldn't figure out what they were asking for and after tearing his hair out he headed to town to find a tax person. Meanwhile I am reviewing the itinerary for my 2004 Lewis & Clark Trail trip for a friend who is planning on doing a caravan for the Win's next year. We said our goodbyes to the kids next door. We sure wished they had stayed the weekend because our new neighbors who are infringing on our space with a toyhauler, 3 vehicles, a boat and at least 6 kids and 4 adults are a little more imposing. We went to town after circle for hamburger's and a meat draw at the Am. Legion.

Another great day lakeside. Went floating on air mattress with Brad and Janet and got sunburned. Went to the Am. Legion for a shrimp boil and pigged out. Then on to a concert at the ballfield. An amazing 12 year old with a voice to knock your soxs off and a rock and roll band from Clovis. We danced. The headliner was Steven Cochran but we never saw him as a dust storm blew us back home and to the showers. Had to bring in the slide in the middle of the night.

More wind. Brought the slides in and the internet dish down 2-3 times Sunday. Luckily we just push buttons. The storm.
The rainbow at the end of the storm.

Monday I got a reiki, polarity and cranial treatment from a gal in our group. So relaxing. With the wind she had set up shop so to speak in our garage. In the evening a few of us went into the Am. Legion for some dancing.

Tuesday morning Bob got his reiki treatment.
The group went into Tucumcari for the Dinosaur Museum, seeing the murals, lunch and a little grocery shopping. We will be moving on this afternoon to Clayton Lake. We need to go get water and dump. Can't believe we went 3 weeks on this fillup. We took showers at the park's shower house to conserve water.


Barbara and Ron said...

Maybe you could sell some of that extra power. :-)

ladynomad said...

Looks like you are having a great time!