Friday, June 19, 2009

Clayton Lake

After Bob got his Reiki treatment we spent Tuesday morning at Tucumcari with the group and seeing the Dinosaur Museum.
A floral fossil. Donna in a footprint.

A sea creature.
10 of us went to lunch on Route 66 then we said our goodbyes, did a little grocery shopping and went back to the campground and left for Clayton Lake. It was a very boring drive thru the plains. As Bob says you get to see a lot of nothing a lot further. Flat doesn't describe it. We arrived at Clayton Lake and found Brad waiting at the top of the hill. He called Janet on the walkie talkie and she came up and drove us around the campgrounds to find a spot for our now longer rig. The ranger station was closed so we weren't able to ask where we should park but what sites were available were too small, too unlevel or just inaccessible. We ended up parking on a point of land near the boat ramp. There is a sign nearby that says day use only but we parked there anyway. Janet, Brad and Chuck sat out in the shade with us and we had a beautiful sunset.

The next morning Bob talked with the ranger and he said where we are parked is just fine and we can stay here thru the holiday. Yippee. We still have the wind and we are making lots of electricity. The storm clouds rolled in and we had to put the slide in and the internet dish down. It cleared off enough for us to have circle but then kicked up again. We don't have cell service so we use Skype internet phone to contact family and friends.

Thursday Janet had to take her friend Chuck back to Amarillo for his flight back to Las Vegas. Brad went with her for a Wal-mart run. I walked to the dinosaur track in the morning
past lots of thistles
and took a picture of our campsite.

We went to town and did laundry in the afternoon, had lunch at Mary's Back Porch. Mary and Tim visited with us. They are Lindsey's parents, one of the kids we had as neighbors at Ute Lake. Back home June had arrived and Janet moved over near us. Brad will move back here tomorrow. We had circle again at our campsite.
Sunset looking west
and sunset looking east. We are allowed campfires here so Bob lit one. About 45 minutes later the wind kicked up big time and we had to run for cover. One of the chairs fell on the campfire in a can and now we have a permanent reminder of this event.

Since we are here for 3 weeks I will post more often.


WINpres03 said...

Clayton Lake has long been one of my favorite NM State Parks. Remember, this is where my 5th wheel was hit by lightening in May of '93.

Hugs, Sharon

Barbara and Ron said...

Who would have thought that you'd get better parking spots with a big rig. Cool!