Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weekend at Clayton Lake

On weekends we have learned to go to town and let the townies have the park. So off Bob, June and I go to do some yard sales. Luckily they changed to the yard sales to garage sales as it was pouring rain. After find a few purchases for all of us we went to the Herzstein Museum. It was a free (donation only) museum and we had a guide. We learned how the area was settled by homesteader's given 160 acres and promptly "busted the sod" to grow their crops. The big drought caused the dust bowl and here is a picture of the dust just above town. The dust blew clear across the country and as far out into the Atlantic as 500 miles.

The towns other claim to fame is the hanging of Black Jack Ketchum, a train robber in the area. He was caught and hung but he had gained weight while in jail and when he was hung he also was beheaded.

I guess this is another good reason I am on Weight Watchers. BTW I have lost 35#.

The most interesting item was this table brought here from Italy. It's inlaid and the top removes to reveal a gaming table.
The lowest level is roulette.

On Sunday we went geocacheing here in the park. Found 3 of the 4. One was thru a beautiful area with cottonwoods and these pretty cliffs.
Bob had to go alone to this one as it was high up on a cliff. We continued to have circle at our place.
Don't we have a pretty view.

On Monday we went to Amarillo (130 miles one way) to retrieve Brad's driver's license that was left behind at the Big Texan when Janet took him out for his birthday the day they took Chuck to the airport. None of us opted to eat the free 72oz steak but 60,000 people have tried to eat it in an hour. Only 6500 have succeeded the youngest was 11 and the oldest was 84.

The manager gave us 25% off the meal and a free dessert each. The dessert's are meals in themselves and run around $8 each. This is what Bob and I had. We had our picture taken in this chair to show how little we are even if we ate that big dessert.

We then did a Walmart run before returning home.


Diana said...

Congrats on the 35 pounds. And you can even eat dessert!

Barbara and Ron said...

Good going on the 35# - you look great. And really tiny in that big chair. I see June bought cookies at the garage sale.