Friday, June 26, 2009

Second week at Clayton Lake

Ah! The weekender's left and we had the place to ourselves once again. More R&R. Resting and Reading. Tried our hand at fishing but I don't care for casting. I grew up on Lake Ontario where we hooked a worm on, watched until the bobber bobbed and yanked in a beautiful black bass. All I seem to do now is get the line tangled up casting. I guess I will wait until I can trail the line behind the kayak.

We went geocacheing on the Sante Fe trail.
Bob went to this one as I had sandels on and didn't want to walk 600' in that grass.
Pretty cactus in bloom.
We continue to have wind. Making so much energy that Brad moved from the electrical $4 site to next to us and runs an extension cord. He has been having problems with his charger but may have a loose wire that he and Bob are working on. We did have one rare evening without wind.

Thursday we went to town so Bob could get blood work done for his cholesterol check. He had fasted so we went to breakfast, post office for our mail, fuel fillup and hardware store run. At the visitor's center we found a geocache and picked up some information brochures.

Back at the campground we picked up June and did a big loop drive to the Dry Cimmaron River Canyon. Saw these elk. The road runs along the border of Colorado. Beautiful scenery and lots of red rock. We stopped at the town of Kenton, OK. Looked for the Virtual Geocache there but the museum was closed. We took the picture to prove we were there. Stopped at the "Merc". It was the old general store/snack shop. Stopped at Clayton for a P-Zone at the Pizza Hut before heading home. For this beautiful sunset.

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