Sunday, June 28, 2009

Second Weekend At Clayton Lake & Beyond

It cooled down and was very comfortable this weekend. The weatherman predicted T-storms so it appears not as many weekender's showed up. We did have a big 5th wheel next door. Who moved to an electric site the next morning. We have awesome sunsets most every night.

Bob and I took a 2 hour hike back to the nature trail and a geocashe we had missed our first time there at Balanced Rock. Along the way we picked up 3 bags of trash along the road. One bottle he picked up wasn't 50' from the trash bin. Since it was a glass bottle we knew it hadn't blown there but had been thrown there. Why do people have to be so trashy.

We were able to get work done. I cleaned inside the rig and repaired the chair that fell in the fire last week. Bob rebuilt the macerator pump that was leaking. Brad even painted the living room of his trailer with our comments.
There was little wind so we had to run our generator to bring the batteries up since 2 of us are using them.

Sunday again was a beautiful day. We launched the kayaks and went along the shoreline around the lake gathering trash. After filling 2 Walmart bags we met some people on shore who took them and left us with a big black garbage bag which we proceeded to fill also. The Ranger's are glad we are here and cleaning up the park and lake. Circle was here and we started a campfire because I wanted hot dogs cooked over it. Bob had Italian sausage. We wrap them in tortilla wraps. A lot less calories.

Another beautiful day in paradise. Bob and Janet went into town early and golfed. Brad, June & I drove in 2 hours later and met them at the Pizza Hut. After lunch we split up into 2 groups and ran errands. Bob got a haircut, we went to the library for more paperback books, checked mail and picked up a few groceries. Janet wanted to ride her bike back to the lake and got about 5 1/2 miles of the 12 miles before calling Brad to pick her up. It was up hill most of the way and in the high 80's low 90's. We had an afternoon rainstorm and afterwards Bob and Janet again headed to town for more golf. The $10 price was good for all day. I went for a walk with Brad and then we watched the sunset. I started a fire in the can and we all sat around and watched the lightening show in the clouds. We ooohed and awed like at a fireworks show. Great fun with friends. What a life.

We went into town today to get the supplies Bob needed to make the ladder golf game. While there we again had a delicious lunch at Mary's. We played a couple of games after circle and Bob won both of them. Can't believe it but we had two days in a row where the wind quit in the evening and we were able to have campfires with lightening shows.

Wednesday was my 69th birthday and I was up at 5:30 am. After I had a cup of coffee I went fishing. Janet was suppose to be there but she slept in. I did manage to get the line so tangled I think I will sell the dam thing. If I am going to have to undo tangles it will be in needlework thread so I actually got out my needlework and worked on it. Bob repaired the leaks in my kayak (we hope) and worked on adding books to the I-Pod.


Barbara and Ron said...

Happy Birthday, Donna!

Diana said...

Looks like the New Mexico state parks are really wonderful. I'm enjoying following along.