Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sugarite State Park

Monday July 6. We left our beautiful spot at Clayton Lake after 3 weeks. Even the ranger's hated to see us go. Stopped at Clayton for fuel, propane, phone calls and a last goodbye to Tim and Mary. 100 miles later we were at Sugarite State Park near Raton. The northern border of the park is on the Colorado line. We took the car out of the trailer and drove around looking for campsites. None seemed to be level or long enough or over a smooth enough 2 mile dirt road to take the rigs.
We opted to park along side the road at a long turnout on the edge of Lake Alice. There is so much vegetation between us and the lake we only catch glimpses of the sparkling water. There is a beautiful lake at the north end but no camping.

Tuesday we drove a scenic route to Folsom.

We saw Folsom Waterfall.
Toured the museum in the town.
We then drove to Capulin Volcano and drove to the top of it. June and Janet walked the rim or parts of it. Janet walked to the bottom of the crater. The rest of us hid in the shade. The bugs were terrible and when we got in the car all of us brought a bunch of them in and we proceeded to kill bugs for the rest of the trip.

Wednesday Bob & I drove to Trinidad, CO. I needed to get a prescription filled at Walmart. We went to lunch at Tequila's a Mexican restaurant. It was the best meal. Seafood tostada.
We then drove thru historic Trinidad and onto Scenic rt.12 to the mountains.

Thursday we got a late start but we drove to Springer to see the Santa Fe Trail Museum. June was there at the same time. We were disappointed in the museum. Mostly the usual old stuff from the local familes. But there was a huge shoe size 37 that was worn by an 8' 9" shoe salesman who ironically died from a foot infection.
From there we took a drive to see Cherrita Lakes nearby. It too was a big disappointment. We headed for the mountains thinking it would be in a pretty valley but instead it was on top of a mesa and was just flat and surrounded by more grasslands. The lake was down as can be seen in this picture. We did 2 geocaches along the way. Back home we had circle. In the evening the sun came out and it was cooler so we did the two geocaches in the park. Saw these pretty bucks on the road to our camp.

Friday Bob, June and I took the guided Mine Camp Hike. I only went part way. It was interesting. In the evening we went to the Celtic music program at the amphitheater. She demonstrated the four harps she had. The music was gentle and soothing. I expected Irish jig type music. We had two thunderstorms today.

Saturday. We went fishing with the kayaks on the big lake. Bob got a couple of bites but no fish. I opted to circle the lake trolling. No bites but I did cross into Colorado and dabbled my feet in the water so I could say that I was the first to start the Win's Cuack tour. (Colorado, Utah, Arizona, California, Kayaking). Bob worked on reloading the trailer for our move tomorrow to Eagle Nest Lake.

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