Monday, July 13, 2009

To Eagle Nest thru Cimmaron Canyon

It was a beautiful drive to our next state park at Eagle Nest Lake. We had to pass thru Cimarron Canyon State Park on 64. It was an awesome drive. Here are some of the pictures I took out the windshield as Bob drove.

These are the pictures of Eagle Lake as we approached from the canyon.

We found a beautiful lake and site
when we arrived at the park. Bob Gambol was here first by a couple of days and June Genis arrived moments after we did.
These are pictures from our site. What a view to wake up to.

Notice our beautiful flower garden.

And our dining room.


Diana said...

Wow, that lake is gorgeous! Someday I'm going to do the New Mexico thing, and now I'll know which ones to go to. Thanks!

ken and Bea said...

Great Photos Donna,Say Hi to the Gang and Trish for us. Safe Travels!