Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Eagle Nest/Cimarron/Philmont

We settled in to this beautiful park. Woke to sunshine and cool temps. Watched the wildlife out our dinette window. Ground squirrels, prairie dogs, meadowlarks, white pelicans, golden eagle. They tell us there are elk across the lake but haven't seen them so far. Bob and I went to Angel Fire for a few groceries. We have circle at 4pm. Carol and Dave who were with us at Ute are in a nearby rv park and they came over.
We are trying to convince them to stay longer. They paid for a week and for $75 more they could stay for a month. (They did it). While we were having circle a reporter came by and interviewed us for the local newspaper. The park had just opened and he was reporting on it. He stopped at our place because "you have the largest outfit with the most toys". We told him all about our livestyle and I think we have him convinced. In the evening we had a campfire.

Four of us drove to Cimarron back thru the beautiful canyon. We went to the Philmont Boy Scout Ranch. The world's largest youth camp at 127,000 acres given to the scouts by Waite Phillips. They have a musuem and library, Kit Carson museum and a tour of Waite's summer home "the Villa".
We geocached at the museum
and at the St. James Hotel
where we also had lunch.
We toured the Mill Museum. 4 stories of artifacts.
A beautiful drive back thru the Canyon and checking on the campgrounds, hikes and geocached. While we were filling up the car in Cimarron Brad came by as he was moving to our park. We didn't have circle today as we were late but we had a nice campfire. Carol Berry and Joan Albright also came in today so we have 7 rigs here.

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