Thursday, July 16, 2009

Eagle Nest/Angel Fire and Elk

We told you in the last blog about our interview. Here is the newspaper article that came out.

We went to town. Eagle Nest is about 2 miles away. The thrift store was opened and we love to see what we need or don't need. I picked up a couple of books by one of our favorite authors and Bob got 2 pull golf carts. I quizzed him why two as I don't golf and he said he is converting them to kayak wheels. He finished one when we came home.

We also walked around the small town. Many businesses where closed or for sale. When we went to the local take out restaurant we chatted with the owner while he cooked our lunch. He said business is way down due to the economy. This is usually their busy season. His place is for sale also.

Friday 6 of us took the tram to the top of Angle Fire and then 4 of us hiked for a little over an hour. Lots of wildflower's up there. The view returning is awesome.
We will go up again because as senior's it's free.
Could see our lake 10 miles away.
On the way home we stopped at the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial State Park for a geocache.
On Saturday we again went into Angle Fire for another hike on Questa Trail. It had hills and dales and I fell really skinning my first finger knuckle bad. We were the last to finish as the altitude was effecting my breathing but hey, I DID IT. Jim led our group but then he stayed back with us and invited us to go on other hikes in the area while we are here.

Back home I picked up Bob Gambol and his neighbor Mary Lou and we went back to town. They don't have cars and needed groceries so I did a good deed. Bob treated us to lunch. While I was doing that Bob was also doing his good deed by getting Janet's inverter/charging system working and Joan's propane regulator fixed.

The wind kicked up and shortened circle.

In the evening we took Carol and Joan and went to Red River. We timed leaving there to hit Bobcat Pass for the elk crossing. Every night they cross the highway. While we didn't see them on the highway we did see them. First there were only about 6 or 7. Then as we headed home we came upon about 30 on a ridge.
Then we rounded the bend in the road and there was a huge herd of them.
We were also awed by this beautiful cloud reflecting the sunset.


sally said...

Loved seeing the Elk. Where are you heading after Eagle Nest? I'm trying to plot out my plans for meeting up with you guys.

Diana said...

Wow, there are elk everywhere! Glad you guys got your golf carts at the thrift store. That's where Phil got his last year. He paid $2.50. Did he get a good deal?

Beaken said...

Great Photos! Say Hi to the Gang for us! Hugz and miss playing Pegs!