Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Enchanted Circle

We circled Wheeler Mountain on the Enchanted Circle. Eagle Nest is about at 2 o'clock. Along the way we geocashed. Came upon this creature at one.
We drove thru Red River (about 12 on the circle) with a short side trip there up a canyon road. Pretty but no place for good photos. We continued counter clockwise to Questa (about 10 or 11 on the circle) passing thru national forest. We stopped in various campgrounds to check then out. We are now to big to fit in them.
We passed this huge mining operation. It looked like it might be shut down as we didn't see any work being done.

At Questa we again left the circle to see the Wild River's BLM Rec. Area. It is along the Rio Grande River Gorge high on the Taos plateau. Beautiful.

We saw our share of wildlife.
And twisted trees.

We continued onto Taos at about the 7 o'clock on the circle finding more geocaches. We filled out tummies and the car, did a little grocery shopping and headed home. Checking out the mountain pass and the narrow road we will have to take when we leave Eagle Nest. No shoulder, steep and winding for about 17 miles. The alternative would add about 100 miles to our trip.

Tuesday was a day of rest....nahh! I cleaned and Bob worked on the wind gen. We have to send it back for repairs. The afternoon was a nasty T-storm with hail. Thanks goodness it didn't get too big or it would have damaged the solar panels. We had to run the MH gen as we had clouds all day.

In the mornings we have pretty clouds almost resting on the lake.

Everyday we have rain. It doesn't last long. They are called monsoons out here in the west. The lake rises and falls with each rain. The farmers below must be liking this. We had another Win join our group. So we are really beginning to fill the park. More are expected this week. A group of 9 of us went into Angel Fire on Thursday night for a play. Dinner with Friends. It was a fun evening.


Diana said...

What happened to the poor wind generator?

Bob Parker And Donna Huffer said...

With the high wins here in new Mexico
the wind mills bearings have went bad .there supposed to last 7 years.I sent it back to the manufacture.will post what they have to say after fixing it.

Anonymous said...

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