Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The West Coast...not quite

Our next adventure is to follow the west coast. Of Arizona that is. They call the Colorado River bordering AZ the west coast. We stayed 2 extra days at Boulder Beach after the Wins left. Went to dinner with Carl & Maryann again, serviced the motorhome at a Freightliner service center on the northside of Las Vegas. They had a laundry room so to kill time we caught up on almost 4 weeks of laundry.

Tuesday 10/27 found us leaving NV. We headed to Laughlin and the Riverside Casino planning to spend the night there with a few other Win's but it was noisy and bright. After a late lunch we headed down the road and overnighted at Golden Shore's community center. We had horrific winds all day and Bob put up our wind generator.

Our next move was 28 miles to Lake Havasu City. We are in a gravel parking lot next to an RV park. The land is owned by them so we only pay $6 a night instead of $32. The Win's are gathering here for Halloween.

While here I went to Curves, Bob worked on the rig and we both went geocacheing. Friday night we went to the Saloon for dinner and dancing. There were over 20 of us. On Saturday night we gathered at the clubhouse for the Halloween Party. Everyone came dressed up. Bob and I went as twin ghosts. OH OH, We forgot we are not suppose to dress alike at a WIN function. But it was the cheapest costumes we could find at the thrift store.
And the winners were......


Barbara and Ron said...

I LOVE Patty's costume! How clever!

sumrsun6969 said...

the only one i recognize is june----who are the other two winners?