Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Desert Camping at Bouse & Quartzsite AZ

11/1 We headed south. Stopped at Parker to see Curt and Dottie. We parked near her house and they drove us to the VFW. Bob had breakfast with them. We continued on to locate a solar expert Bob met online. We are parked

in the desert. There were two other campers here but it is so large they won't even know we are here. We hopped in the car and went to find Handy Bob. Both Bob's checked on our system. Tweaked it a little and Bob will be remounting 3 of the panels so they all get sun. During the winter with short days and the sun lower on the horizon panels have to be raised and one of ours was in the shade of the air conditioner. Bob had anticipated having to buy a couple more panels and add them to the roof of the trailer now that won't be necessary. Did I mention we are energy hogs. We like the computers, tv and microwave and dislike having to run the generator. Ours is quiet but still makes noise.

We went to Quartzsite and ordered new fabric for an old awning that Bob had purchased from another Win. They are cutting it down from 20' to 18'.

We had a campfire and beautiful sunset on Tuesday night. It is very quiet and peaceful out here. Will hate to move to the big city of Yuma and the noisy train nearby.

The items came in and on Thursday and the Bob's worked most of the day to revamp the solar. New inline fuses, a smaller inverter to power our computer and tv systems and a controller to charge the chassis batteries. He got real dirty and sweaty so took a shower and before he could get all the soap rinsed off the water pump died.

Early Friday 11/6 we moved the rig into Gambler's in Quartzsite where the crew installed the awning on the trailer and repaired the electric one on the motorhome. It needed both a new controller and motor. While they were doing that Bob was changing out the broken water pump with a new silent one. Joan Albright and Sheri Donavan both came by for brief visits. After a long day we drove 6 miles south of town and are parked on the desert where Bob and I first met almost 4 years ago.

I have been working on my needlework. I got the piece back from the teacher in the correspondence course I took. Rave review on the quality of my stitching. It inspired me to finish another piece and start another. Where am I going to put them. Hopefully the one I got back from the teacher will be a new cover for the black speaker fabric.

Before leaving Quartzsite we went out to lunch with people we met online. We belong to the Escapee Boomer's group and they have a yahoo group. I inquired if anyone was in Q and they responded and we met, Linda & Earl Hylton. Back at the mh we packed up and returned to Q to the Pits Stop. It's a drive thru business where you can take on water, dump the holding tanks and get propane if needed. Since propane was $2 a gal we topped off. We then drove a huge 35 miles south stopping at the Stone Cabin for a overnight where it really would be dark and the stars would be beautiful. They were.

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