Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Back Home in Yuma

No, we haven't gotten off the road but eventually we will have to hang up the keys so we have selected Yuma to be our winter home and Showlow to be our summer home. Even if we can't drive ourselves it's not that far that we can't get family or friends to twice a year move us. So we are HOME. More specifically we are at the patch of BLM land adjacent to the VFW. We have friends in the area and lots to do this 10 days while here.

We pulled in Tuesday 11/10. Parked at the VFW and took the car to check out Yuma Lakes where a few of our Win friends are parked. Chose instead to stay here so moved the motorhome inside the fence to the BLM land. Bob got his list out and we went first to Olive Garden for soup/salad then to buy the angle iron, nut & bolts he will need to build the new rack for 3 of the solar panels. I went to Curves for a workout and grocery shopping then we went dancing for about 15 minutes at the VFW before the band quit for the day.

I have been debating about posting everyday and adding the current day to the top of the blog. Please comment on which way you like it best. Once a week or every day. Thanks for your opinion.


Wandrin said...

One opinion... Why change the way your posts appear? Current program works for me.

Diana said...

I'm thinking somewhere in the middle. Every day may be too often, but every week makes for a lot of writing, as busy as you guys are...

TiogaRV said...

When MsTioga heads back into Mexico in December, it sure looks as though she will be passing thru Yuma, Arizona! Wow!

About blog posts. Do you enjoy every single one of your days? If yes, share your day with your readers.

Su amigo,

Brad said...

IMHO... don't change a thing... works the way you've been doing it... regardless I always enjoy reading up on you guys, whether I'm right there with you or not. :-)

Barbara and Ron said...

If you add to an existing post I won't see it, so if that's what you're asking, I prefer a new post for additions. If you're asking how often to post, I'd say whenever you have something to say. For the winter I don't expect to post as often.

What do you mean that Yuma will be your winter home? Are you looking for a lot there?