Saturday, December 05, 2009

Bouncing around

Did you know we have wheels. If we don't like our neighbors we turn the key and move. Well at 4:30 AM our neighbor started his diesel engine. For what reason we don't know. He was about 30' behind us. Runs his engine, must not have a generator in that old bus. Anyway after we went out shopping, visiting friends and a lot of other stuff we came back to find him still there. So, we turned the key, drove 34 miles back into CA and found our favorite spot on Olgiby Rd. We are only about 15 miles from Algodones and 19 miles from shopping in Yuma. We are over 1/4 mile from our nearest neighbor and have a pretty view of the mountains.
We were here last November with Bud and Nancy but since that time someone else who made this their home for awhile created rock gardens

and a patio area complete with firepit.
We claimed it for our home for the next few weeks.