Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our Desert Hideaway

We sure are enjoying being out here away from civilization. Bob has been working with the solar and other chores. He really loves his workshop. I sorted through stuff and put up the Christmas Tree. It's real quiet out here and we get good nights sleep, good cell service and TV reception. Can life get any better? In the evening we went into the "Q" casino. Had dinner, won $3 and came home in the dark. Our GPS found home for us.

Monday morning we headed for Algodones, MX for our dental appointment. We had our teeth cleaned for $35 each. Haven't had that done in the states for years so don't know what it costs now there. The line was short at the border so stopped at the campground on the US side and visited Earl & Linda who we met in Quartzsite. Then we went to Yuma, shopped a little and returned to the "Q" casino and met Ken & Bea Marler for lunch. A buffet. Senior 2 for 1 on Monday & Tuesday lunch was a total of $6.95. We went back into Yuma to retrieve my camera at Joey's at Yuma Lakes, stopped at Sam's Club and the Eagles Aarie on the way home. Jerry & Robbie invited us to Pilot Knob campground where they are staying but the gate was locked and our cellphone wouldn't work to call them so came home. A long, busy day.

Between relaxing on the desert reading, me doing needlework, Bob working on fixing my kayak and trips to town we have been occupying our time. We sometimes need to be alone to recover from the busy times we have when we are with the Win's. We celebrated our 4th anniversary of having met on the 9th. Time flies when you are having fun.

Here are two of the pretty sunrises we have had. Yes, we are up to see them.