Saturday, March 06, 2010

3rd Trip to Yuma

Arrived back at the VFW/BLM on Tuesday 2/23. First event was social hour at our rig with Ron Kannada who is parked next to us and Barbara Cormack who is in the Foothills. Too tired to go dancing at the VFW or any other place.

The next day was very busy. Doctor visits for the both of us with a stop at the lab first for Bob's blood work. After a quick breakfast at McD's we headed to Cocopah Casino where Bob lost $20 and I came out $7 ahead. Onto the SKP park to check on what our # is now for a lot. Went from above 50 to 42. Visited with Art Buckley and a quick Hi to Linda Scott. Looked up Bob's favorite welder on the way to the Fairgrounds to visit Nick and Terry Russell of Gypsy Journal fame. After lunch at Burger's and Beer with Nel and Dale we did laundry. Bob watched the machines while I did a Curves exercise in the same plaza.

Bob is helping Bill Gott install his solar system. They are using our "garage for a workshop".

We had a very dear WIN friend pass away. All who were in the area gathered at Shirley's for hugs and remembrances. Judy Hesse will be missed.

We met Barbara, Gord, and Neva at the Moose Lodge for some dancing and then we went on to Micky B's for a little combat dancing and listening to Micky and his wife Carol sing and play the piano.

Went to Algodones for hair cuts and eye check on Tuesday. Met Barb, Roy, Gord and his friend at the Q for the 2fer buffet. Then I had a dermatology appointment to check me out for skin cancers. The next day I had the Blu-lite treatment on my face. Had a lot of precancer spots. Stayed inside for 48 hours. Read a lot and played games on the Ipod touch. Did go out after dark to Walmart and dinner with Bill.

First day out of the bat cave we went to the fairgrounds to check out where we will be parked. Bob is one of the volunteers for parking and I am helping with the vendors setup. We will be moving Sunday morning at 8 am. Won't be a pleasant day as it is suppose to rain all day. We went to the flea market. Bob got this lovely hat with hair.
We had gone separate ways and when I got back to the meeting spot I couldn't find him. I wonder why. At that time it wasn't braided.

Back at camp Bob Hill & Bobbie Shipplet had a social hour for the singles.

Curt & Dottie arrived and along with Bill we went to the Moose for the fish fry and dancing.

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