Monday, February 22, 2010

Casa Grande and the Win's Dance Rally

Left the Steps early and drove 253 miles to the fairgrounds at Casa Grande. Bob is in charge of parking the rigs. An afternoon social hour was right near our rig in the shade of Bill's rig. We ran to town in the early evening to do laundry so we wouldn't shock everyone by showing up naked.

Early Tuesday morning I went to town to the Curves that I joined last year. I had measurements taken. Lost over 40 inches, 28#, and dropped my BMI down. Wow. A trip for mail and a stop at WM was on the agenda too.

Bob was parking rigs all day with help from his crew, George, Joel and Ted. Other's were registering the attendees and more were decorating the hall's. The theme this year is "Oldies but Goodies" and is the 15th annual rally. There are 80 rigs here and 99 people.

The day as always starts with Hugs & Mugs. The coffee and a light breakfast is provided. Then there are dance lessons. Line dancing, Two-Step, Lindy (jitterbug), Waltz and Cha-Cha. In the evening there is a 3 hour dance to a DJ. Not many last that long.

One night was "Hippy" night. We went to the local thrift store and outfitted ourselves with the "look". Bob tied for first place along with Max for the best man's costume. He had fun altering the pants he purchased. They were way to big so he lopped off about 6 inches in the legs, hammered and nailed them to make them holey and sprayed with bleach to get the tie-dyed effect. I put those two ugly flower prints together and borrowed a blonde wig. It's true blondes do have more fun.

I go to Curves with Sherry & Diane most mornings. Not all of the lessons are taken. Friday afternoon was a free time for everyone. Some went hiking, golfing, and motorcycle riding. Linda & Ron invited us for dinner and Nelda brought a delicious lemon merquine pie. Danced it off in the evening. There was the Talent/No Talent Show in the evening before the dance. The highlight is the No Talent Band. They opened and closed the show.

Saturday we took Waltz lessons in the morning. The afternoon circle was followed by a Pizza Party complete with Desserts by Nelda and ice cream.
Didn't stay long for the dancing. Bob's legs cramping and my back aching.

Sunday the local Walgreen's offered free health screen. We are alive and the stats were good. Then we went out to lunch.

The Senior Prom was held the last evening. With REAL SENIORS. Bob and I were both nominated for the King and Queen. Bob was voted the King. His Queen was Nelda.

Hugs was held one last time and we all pitched in to take the decorations down. Sherry & I headed to Curves. When we got back Bob had the rig all ready to roll and off we went for our next adventure. Raining and windy we only went 75 miles to our Elk's Lodge at Gila Bend for the night and to pay our dues. Next stop Yuma again.....


Barbara and Ron said...

I LOVE your hippie outfit, Donna. You should have won.

Diana said...

Looks like lots of fun - sorry I missed it. Congrats to Bob!