Monday, February 15, 2010

The Blast

We arrived early at "The Steps" south of Lake Havasu City. It's an area of BLM land and has different levels hence the steps. We have a view of a small bit of the Colorado River and California on the other side. The hill has the cell towers on it and our cellphones use California time. Have to remember to add an hour.

Becky & Lonnie joined us here on Monday and we played Pegs & Joker's again. On Tuesday we downloaded some Geocashe's and Becky rode along. We gathered 7 that day with a drive thru Sara Park to scout things out for the Blast.

Wednesday Donna took Becky & Lonnie into town for their mail and other errands. Bob stayed home working again. While in town a divided wooden tray was purchased and Bob mounted it in our "new" silverware drawer. At 4 pm it was time for the Boomer's Happy Hour and of course it rained...does it ever rain in the desert? We all huddled under some one's awning but we really got to know people that way. When the sun came back out we then huddled around the fire. We were told about the Blast, where to park, what time to arrive, Ed's birthday party (more later). Also told that Avatar was playing in town in 3D so that's on the agenda. After dinner Pegs & Joker's with Becky & Lonnie.

Thursday was movie day. The 4 of us went to see Avatar in 3D. Awesome. After a early dinner we geocashed around LHC and then went to the Blast. It was the first day and the members were practicing building and setting off fireworks. Everyone around us had been there before and told us what days not to miss. It looks like we go everyday.

Friday we lazed around the rig after a mile hike into the wash for a geocashe. Donna stitching and Bob visiting with the neighbors. We went to the Blast again but this time we were parked at the BMX track about 1/2 mile away. It was dark, no noisy announcer and we didn't have to keep turning our heads to view the fireworks.

Saturday was the big day. We left for Sara Park at 1pm. "Ed" had gotten there at 7:15 am to grab a picnic table for his birthday bash. When we arrived we coasted down the hill, blowing by the staff there collecting parking fees and parked in a no-parking zone. We arrived without gas. Terry brought Bob out some gas and Bob then went and got fuel. The party began. Dwayne's birthday party is called Ed's as last year the only cake available for the party said "ED" on it. Betty, his wife, was able to get it for 1/2 price so now it's Ed's Birthday Bash. Instead of singing "Happy Birthday" we all sang the song from Mr. Ed, A Horse is a Horse. We played games until it was time to go get our seats. We had placed our chairs on arrival so we had front row seats. About 50 yards away were the mortar's for the fireworks. The amateur's shoot off even before dark but then the real show starts at 8 pm. The entire show of about 1 hour is like the final few seconds of a regular firework show. The bombs bursting in air were litterly all around us.

Sunday we left early to go to Bouse on a day trip to Camp Bouse, the secret military training camp Gen. Patton had on the desert. On arrival we stopped at a restaurant for breakfast and invited ourselves to sit with 2 other couples. It turns out that one man was leading the once a year tour and the other man had actually served at the camp back in the 40's. Another man also joined us and he had not been back to the camp since he left in May 1944. The drive out to the desert camp was about 20 miles of dirt roads. Much of it was along the same path the race cars took the week before. Because of the two rain storms we have had the octillio was leafed out and they were beautiful. Bob enjoyed hearing about the military aspect of the camp. There were 50 high clearance automobiles allowed.

Can last nights firework show be topped. Hardly. But we went back on Sunday night. Lonnie and Becky had left but they were replaced by Ron and Linda. We joined Sherry and Ted and this time we went to the BMX again. Part of our show was when Bob yelled he had a scorpion crawling up his leg inside his pants. He had grabbed it and pinched it but was afraid to let go. The guys came to his rescue. Unzipped his pants and unbuckled his belt and he took off his pants only to have a mouse drop out of the leg...dead of course.

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Barbara and Ron said...

OMG! How disgusting! Although I would love to attend that pyrotechnics show, now all I can think about is the mouse.