Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cattleman's Steak House Stay

We sailed thru El Paso where there was a lot of traffic even on a weekend. Exit 49 at Fabans is way out in the country with only a fuel station there. Turning north and going 5 miles brings you to Cattleman's Steakhouse. When we exited we called them and they had a man come to the gate and tell us where to park our monster rig. That's us on the left and the old way of traveling on the right. They allow you to overnight for eating in the restaurant. We found this GEM when were camped at Hueco Tank State Park a few years back. They have mouth watering steaks.
It is a large complex with a lake, zoo and old movie sets.

After setting up we wandered around seeing the animals, visiting with a couple of boy scout leaders, Mike & Ed, with their troop from Phoenix.

We beat the dinner crowd thank goodness. There are several dining rooms and hundreds of tables. The wait can be long but the decor and dining is well worth it.

Bob treated me to dinner for doing the his laundry before we left Deming. We had shrimp cocktail with shrimp larger than his middle finger. We both chose a 10 oz filet mignon with baked pototo, coleslaw and chili beans. Topped off with a decadant chocolate cheesecake we shared. Oh, wine and beer to toast the start of our summer travels.

We are the only ones in this parking lot. Very quiet and dark. It was 26 degrees when we got up in the morning. Donna spotted a coyote walking in front of the rv.

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Barbara and Ron said...

That place sounds great - I've made a note of it.