Saturday, March 20, 2010

Willcox Win's

Monday 3/15 We drove straight from Yuma to Willcox on Monday 318 miles. Stopped at the Flying J near Eloy, AZ and met Penny & Joe Judge from Salem. Bob had worked with Joe. Bill Gott followed along with us. Along the way were amazed at how green the desert is. One of the prettiest places the interstate cuts thru is the Dragoon Mountains with all the rocks.
We checked in at the Elk's Lodge and found the Win's having an inside circle.

Tuesday we went to Hugs and then hung around the RV. Our dinette table fell off the wall and Bob had to repair it. Circle was again inside the lodge as it was very windy out.

Wednesday the group went to the Cochise Stonghold. Most went for a hike. A few went for the nature walk and intrepretative walk. We were among them as we still aren't up to par. In the evening the Elk's had a cornbeef & cabbage dinner we attended.

Thursday the group went to the Stout Cider House for lunch. Life's short so lunch was PIE. Have you ever seen such a big pie. A slice of pie ala mode was $6. But it was worth it.

We then went geocaching. Took Bill along to show him what it was all about. Went on some real rough roads.

Friday was moving day. Got an early start as afternoon winds were predicted. We had a 138 mile day but within 1/2 hour we had a blowout on our trailer. We have a Pressure Pro that alerted us just in case we didn't hear the big bang. Donna was driving and eased over to the edge. Not much room but Bob was able to change the tire. On arrival in Deming we went directly to Big O and got 4 new tires for the trailer. While they were doing that we went to the post office and bank, Walmart for lunch at the Subway.

Another 4 miles took us to LoW-HI Ranch. It is a singles rv park owned by the Loner's on Wheel's club. They have opened it up to Passport American and Escapee's discount programs. On arrival we saw Grace Gardner and Bob Gamble. No sooner were we parked when a dust storm hit. 40 mph gusts from the west.

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WINpres03 said...

Isn't that kind of rough on tires??? You haven't even had the trailer for a year yet. Hugs, Sharon