Monday, March 15, 2010


Friday 3/12. Moved back to the VFW/BLM. There are several Win's here. Had planned on an overnight but the Jello got shook. We played pegs and jokers our first night here.
Bob had a social hour...

I felt worse. Guess it wasn't allergies. Self diagnosised with bronchitis so started the Mexican Amoxicillin we keep on hand. Bob got me a cough syrup that knocked me out in 10 minutes so all I did was sleep. He and Bill worked on a selanoid that had gone bad in our main battery switch.

Sunday we went to the Irish Wake for Judy Hesse. Our friend passed away a couple of weeks ago very unexpectedly. She will be missed. There were still a lot of her friends here in Yuma and a large crowd showed up. The "Yuma Lakes Ladies" made a corned beef and cabbage lunch complete with desserts and there was a yard sale
of Judy's things. Brenda Harris read a poem written by our own Randy Vining and Patricia Powers led a toast to Judy.

We leave Yuma now. We have spent a lot of time here this winter. Will this be our "winter home" in the future? Follow our blog and see where we travel to next as we begin our "summer" journey.

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