Sunday, March 28, 2010

Del Rio

We left Big Bend and our beautiful campsite. Drove 250 miles to Del Rio. That is a long day for us so we broke it up with 6 stops for Geocaches along the way. One neat one was at this deserted store and the name on the side of it said "Parker". Was this Bob's place?
Most were micro's where we just signed a log. One was a virtual at Judge Roy Beans. While there we met 2 couples of biker's we had talked to at Tirlingua 2 days before. We took each other's pictures.

When we arrived in Del Rio we were on fumes so stopped for fuel. Took 72 gals and after doing the math we are getting 7.5 mpg. Yeah! And that's with hills and towing the trailer. We parked at the Elk's Lodge and when we pulled in spotted 4 other Win's here. Visited with Donna Dinges & Tom Cassidy, Bill Gott & Bob Magda.

The next morning we went shopping. After a week at BB and eating home all but once we needed restocked at Walmart. After unloading all we went out for lunch at the Genesis restaurant that a friend had recommended in his blog. It was so so. To work off the meal we again went geocashing but this time it wasn't good. Looked for 5. Found 2, did not find 2 and quit one as it was in thick brush and out here the brush bites. So do the snakes. We did come to this pretty park. And this women found a fun way to keep cool.

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