Thursday, March 25, 2010

Saint Elena Canyon Loop

On Thursday we did a big loop after getting a late start for the day. Went west to the gatehouse then took a dirt road 13 miles down to the river. Along the way we saw this old structure.
Mr. Luna raised a large family in it and died in at 108 still living here.
We continued on to Terlingua Abajo (lower Terlingua). This area used to be an old farming community and supplied the area with food. Further on we went coming to the Rio Grande River where it cuts thru Saint Elena Canyon. We took about an hour hike up river. Mexico on the left, US on the right. Nice and cool. Just glad this rock had already dropped from the cliff. Planned on our packed lunch there but it was still in the car. Continued on to the old settlement of Castolon where we went to the old general store for an ice cream. Better lunch. We continued up the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive taking pictures and short drives off the highway before getting home.

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