Friday, March 26, 2010

Terlingua Geocashing

Friday we started early and went down Painted Gap road. 2.9 miles the road got a little bad so we parked the car and hiked the rest of the mile down to the old ranch ruins. There was a well and trough. Over the edge was a wash with a spring.
The one wall was covered with ferns.

We continued on out the west side of the park and went to the small community of Study Butte/ Terlingua. We were to meet Ara who has the blog "Oasis of my Soul" that can be found to the left. He was ill and didn't show but we had a nice time at Kathy's Kafe visiting with 6 biker's from Dallas. We went geocashing after lunch and found 5.
One was at this restaurant La Kiva. It doesn't open until 5pm but any employee came by and said we could look inside. I guess it means "The Cave" cause is was down inside the side of a hill.
It even had a dinosaur. The plaque reads Penisauras Erectus.

A stop at the ghost town of Terlinqua.

One of the geocashe's was at the Dinosaur Egg. Can you see Bob on the right?

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