Sunday, April 25, 2010

Michaela's Weekend

We came to OK to see Bob's granddaughter Michaela. She lives with her mom near OK City. We chose Lake Arcadia Central State Park to camp nearby. The park is run by the city of Edmond.

We got our mail, stopped for an early dinner at Pop's, where there are 200 flavors of pop.

Went to Curves for Donna to exercise and ran to various stores looking for a cable for our GPS before heading home. We were under thunder storm/tornado watch. Made for a sleepless night with the weather alert alarming.

Friday we went to the memorial park where the bombing happened.

In late afternoon we picked up Michaela at her house and took her out to eat at Ci Ci's pizza. We all pigged out. Back home we walked around the park to shake it down. Lots of people have come in for the weekend.

Saturday while I worked out at Curves, Bob & Michaela were pigging out at the I-Hop. We then went to the National Cowboy Museum. It was overcast and even sprinkles so inside a museum is a good thing.

There are 3000 examples of barbed wire on display. Some very lethal looking. Bob tried to look at them all.

It cleared up a little so we walked around the gardens where there was a huge statute of Wild Bill Cody. This was the gateway area to the west.

We then went to the round barn in Arcadia and did some geocashing in the afternoon. Stopped at Pop's for a geo but it was very crowded and we didn't find it.

We had an early dinner at Applebee's before coming home.

Sunday morning was more geocashing, lunch at Steak & Shake. We had to take her home to do her homework in the afternoon. We had a great visit. Thanks Michaela for staying with us.


Desert Diva said...

Glad Bob and you had a good visit with family. I had almost forgotten about Steak 'n Shake - (I'm an Indy girl.) Their slogan was "It's a meal," and since they have carhops one of their commercials had the carhop say: "Would you like a shake with your burger?" The answer? "No, you can just walk it to the car!"

dancing naked--- said...

yep--looks fun---i can't imagine 200 kinds of pop. i wonder what the most unusual flavor is. and i loved the geocache in the nest---how clever.