Friday, May 07, 2010

Lake Ouachita

We stayed at the state park where Bob started his rving lifestyle. He bought a 5th wheel. Had no truck to pull it so they delivered it here in November 2004. He was allowed to stay longer as it was definitely off season. Until he bought his truck he used to place a black painted box on the trunk lid of the Buick LaSaber and line it up with the 5th's hitch. When he left in January he had to go up, over and down the mountain. Did I mention he was triple towing having a 10 ft trailer behind the 5th with a motorcycle in it. I am terrified to drive this mountain in just the car and he drives our rig now over the hill.

What is over the hill. Bob's sister. Gayle lives in Hot Springs Village and we have come to visit her. We were just going to stay 4 or 5 days but we decided to stay 9 days instead and then head directly toward Branson for our next gathering of the SI's.

Besides visiting & eating out we geocashed, hiked, met lots of new people. Not only Gayle's friends but camping neighbors.

Our favorite restaurant Cajun Boiler's with Gayle & Dave, They make the best peanut butter pie. Right Dave?

We toured Garvin Gardens one day. Bob took time to smell the flower's.
These were the ones.

What were these huge leaves?
or these?
Were these edible? or these. No pole?

We went to a 70 Birthday Party along with 270 other people. I guess he was liked. He was Gayle's realtor friend Miles.
Just one of the several cakes.

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