Sunday, May 09, 2010

On the road to Branson

We said our goodbyes to Gayle after a lovely visit of 9 day. We hitched up the trailer after dumping, loaded the car into the trailer and off we went. Headed to Conway to the COE park nearby. The site they gave us was almost under the highway bridge with no view of the water so the jello shook and we continued on. The GPS guided Bob thru downtown Conway. No easy task with our size. People stared us with wonderment on their faces.

We continued onto our next planned stop at the Elk's Lodge in Harrison. Spent 4 nights here. They had a fish fry on Friday along with karaoke.

On Saturday we took a drive to Eureka Springs. Everybody said we should see it. IT'S A TOURIST TRAP", just one gift shop after another. We did drive up to the Christ of the Ozarks. A 7 story tall statue that is suppose to be seen from 20 miles away. Didn't see it until we were 1/4 mile away. They also had a piece of the Berlin Wall.

We did a little geocashing along the way. Wanted to do some at the historic sites but parking was at a premium $5 and there was a concert at one of places so couldn't do that one either.

We took a different road home. Along the way we came across this huge wind chime.

And across this historic store in Ozark.

Had a lovely dinner at DeVito's. They have a trout pond across the street and we could have caught our own dinner but we let them do it. Then visited with some of the lodge people. BPOE really stands for Best People On Earth. So true.

Sunday night the thunderstorm came through and dumped a lot of rain. It cleared a little in the morning so we decided to head out. Moved 37 miles up the road to Branson, MO. Our SI group is having a bash this week so we are here with them. The weather forecast is for cold and rain. Hope we don't do a lot of outdoor stuff.


Desert Diva said...

It looks like you two are having a good time - even with "tourist traps." Have a good time in Branson!

Barbara and Ron said...

Glad the tornadoes are missing you.

Diana said...

Wow, I sure wouldn't want to live next to the wind chime!