Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We arrived in Branson and staying at a membership park called Treasure Lake. Bob Hill has signed us all in. We went over to Christy's for social hour and to discuss what to see and do. Dinner at the Plaza (Pzazz) was the next order of business. The restaurant is owned/managed by Jack Hamilton a former baseball player. Prime rib is their feature.

Tuesday we went to old town Branson to pick up our mail, Donna to Curves and back home. The afternoon found us all gathering at the ticket office in the park. It took us almost 2 hours to get all the show tickets. Different shows, different folks to go with etc. We also decided to go to two shows without others. Almost $400 spent real quick. We then all drove to West Branson to Pizza by the Chef. Delicious dinner for all 14 of us including Marie, the lady who arranged all our tickets.

Wednesday we went to old town Branson for breakfast with a few of the people then visited the SKP park. We went to the Yakov Smirnoff show in the afternoon. It was funny and emotional. Afterwards we went to BT Bones restaurant. No one was there to seat us so another customer came and seated us. We asked the couple behind us to join us for dinner. We have more friends now. Scooter and Nancy from Canyon Lake, TX. They have invited us to a BBQ the next time we come thru Bandera.

Thursday morning we went to Clay Cooper's show. It was good. We love country western. He has a young son who also performs. Here he is as Elvis.

We went with the group to Ozark for dinner at Lambert's. All 10 of us sat in a big booth and pigged out. Forgot to take a picture but the table was filled with food. In the evening we all went to the Osmond Brother's show. We were glad we only paid $11 as so far it was the worst show we saw. There were a few moments where it was good when they occasionally sang songs we recognized.

We went to the Shoji Tabuchi show. It was the most expensive but it shows. It was awesome. The theater, costumes, choregraphy, lighting and effects.
Real snow fell at first. How about the size of this drum.
He plays the violin and does every type of music from Bach to Boogie and everything in between. His restrooms having been voted the best in the nation. This is the men's
with a pool table.
And this is the women's with real orchids.

We all met at Garfield's one evening for margurita's and dinner. Then watched the fountain. The same man who designed the Belligio fountains in Las Vegas designed this smaller version.
Branson is fast becoming little Las Vegas. Here is the Titanic

We went to other show with the group. Cirque Montage and free show at God & Country.

A friend was nearby at W. Branson recovering from foot surgery so we went to visit Carolyn and Peter who is taking good care of her.

Our last evening we went to the Dixie Stampede with Andy and Carol. It was a great show and we had our dinner served while watching the show. We had to eat every thing with our fingers. A whole chicken, biscuit & soup, potato. pork, and apple turnover. When we got back home we played P&J with them.

Our time is over here at Branson and we have to find a place to go to hole up and rest.

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Barbara and Ron said...

You sure saw a lot of shows! Sorry to hear Carolyn's laid up. Hope it's nothing serious.