Thursday, May 20, 2010

4 States in 4 Days

Heading north, we left Branson and stayed overnight at a nice Moose Lodge in Sedalia, MO. The man in charge (ER) is a Parker and has a brother named Bob. So in addition to the drink on the house, he also bought us a drink. There was no charge for parking so our evening cost us $4.

Our next stop was St. Joseph, Mo.
We pulled into the truck parking area of Terrible's Casino. We paid our rent. Donna lost $6 and Bob won $6. Does that make us even? They had a good restaurant where we had dinner. We toured the Glore Pshycratic Museum before dinner. The next morning we went the casino for the breakfast buffet. Then drove to Atchison, KS where we toured the Amelia Ehrhart birthplace & museum. We checked out the Lewis & Clark State Park nearby. Donna stayed there when she did the L&C trip in 2004. No campers there yet. Back at St. Joe, Bob toured the Jessie James House where he was killed (Jesse not Bob).

We then moved up the road to Brownville, NE. and stayed at the Meriweather Lewis Dredge site. Again Donna had stayed there on the L&C trip but it was in much better shape then. It has been raining no-stop now and since the river looks like it is still rising we headed up the road to Council Bluffs, IA.

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